The Waters Edge 06

$100,444 (was: $108,763)
Property Image Property Image Lakeview Add-A-Room Add-A-Room Interior Interior

Price Includes:
Home on Location
Existing Deck Package

Please either email Jeremey Knutt at or phone 905-894-0972 ext 206 for further vacation home information.

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Financing Information

Total Value$100,444.00
Minimum Deposit$15,066.60
Finance Amount$85,377.40
Interest Rate6.49%

Unit Information

Year of Unit2002
TypePre-Owned Homes
StyleGeneral Coach Resort

Monthly Payment Terms

For a 5 Year Loan $1,680.11 a month
For a 4 Year Loan $2,034.33 a month
For a 3 Year Loan $2,626.34 a month
For a 2 Year Loan $3,812.86 a month
For a 1 Year Loan $7,377.37 a month

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